If you're looking to get started as quickly as possible, we recommend the Self-Hosted option. However, we understand that not everyone has the capacity or skills to self-host. If that's you, please don't hesitate to reach out for a quote on our managed hosting and support options.

Self-Hosted on-premise or cloud
Recommended for Superusers
who want complete control.
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic Backups
  • Email Notifications
  • Excludes Support
  • Get Started
  • Powered by you
< $100 per month2
Self-Hosted with DigitalOcean
Recommended for tech-savvy businesses
who want an easy deployment option.
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic Backups
  • Email Notifications
  • Excludes Support
  • Create Droplet
  • Powered by DigitalOcean
Managed Hosting
Contact Us
Hosting + Support & Maybe More?
Recommended for larger organizations
who prefer to outsource everything.
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise4
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic Backups
  • Email Notifications
  • Includes Support
  • Request Quote
  • Powered by OpenBoxes

    indicates a service that you provide on your own

    indicates a service not included in package

    indicates a service included in package

    indicates a service available as an add-on

  • All services (i.e. Installation, Development, Implementation) are available as add-ons (discounts available for long-term engagements). See Services page for more info.
  • 1 OpenBoxes is free to download and use, but nothing is really ever free. Unless you plan to install OpenBoxes on your personal laptop, you'll have costs associated with operating the software. Read Total Cost of Ownership to better understand the costs associated with any software system you plan to adopt.
  • 2 Paid to DigitalOcean. The actual cost will be based on the options you choose on the Create Droplets page.
  • 3 On-Premise implementations are available as an add-on for any package. In addition, we can configure a network of on-premise servers to sync with a parent cloud server in case of Internet outages. Ask us about our On-Premise implementation plan when requesting a quote.


SolDevelo is a key OpenBoxes partner. Since 2018 we’ve been continuously contributing to the system development, quality assurance, testing and maintenance. Thanks to the long-term involvement in the project, we’ve gained vast knowledge on different aspects of the application. Moreover, our company has significant experience with cloud services, proven by the title of Amazon Web Services Partner.

With both the system knowledge and web services experience, we can provide you with OpenBoxes hosting of the highest standard, and truly meet your expectations with support provided by our experts.

Learn more about our hosting packages, additional services and our support by clicking the button above.

Support Plans

Our Community-driven support will always be free. The following plans are for organizations who need a guaranteed service level agreement.

General Monthly Cost
$299 per month
$999 per month
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Annual Cost
$3,000 per year
($588 savings)
$10,000 per year
($1198 savings)
Contact Us
9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
Minimum Term
6 Months
3 Months
Language English English Negotiable
Response Times High Priority < 4 Hours < 1 Hours Negotiable
Medium Priority Next Business Day < 4 Hours Negotiable
Low Priority Next Business Day < 12 Hours Negotiable
Channels Forum
In-App Chat
Upgrades Major Releases
Minor Releases
Hotfix Releases
Included Troubleshooting
Priority Bug Fixes
Server Monitoring
Server Maintenance
Custom Development
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Add-on Services


Service Description Rates Action
Installation One-time installation fee. This assumes that you have an account with a hosting provider and just need help installing the software. $500 per server Get Quote
Upgrades One-time upgrade fee. This assumes that you have a working OpenBoxes installation based on an official WAR file (see Latest Release). $250 per upgrade
(included with any support plan)
Get Quote
Troubleshooting If you've encountered a problem with your self-hosted server you can request support from us for a fee. Or use the community support forum for free. $150 per incident


Service Description Rates Action
Custom Development For organizations with specific requirements, OpenBoxes offers custom development services to create additional features, modules, or enhancements to the software. $125 per hour Get Quote
Custom Reports & Analytics OpenBoxes can create custom reporting and analytics solutions to help organizations gain valuable insights into their inventory management processes and make data-driven decisions. $500 per report 1 Get Quote
Implementation & Configuration OpenBoxes offers consulting and implementation services to help organizations tailor the software to their specific needs. This includes system setup, configuration, and customization to align with unique workflows. Depends on requirements Get Quote
User Training & Education OpenBoxes provides training programs and resources to ensure users and administrators are proficient in using the software effectively. This includes user training, administrator training, and educational materials. $800 per session Get Quote
Data Migration OpenBoxes can assist organizations in migrating their existing inventory data into the OpenBoxes platform, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. Depends on requirements Get Quote


Service Description Rates Action
Data Integration OpenBoxes can assist organizations in integrating their inventory management system with other software solutions, such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and more, to create a cohesive workflow. $2500 per integration 1 Get Quote
Data Replication If you want to host OpenBoxes on-premise as well as in the cloud, we can assist in configuring a robust and efficient solution designed to ensure the seamless synchronization and duplication of critical inventory and supply chain data across multiple locations or systems. $5000 per environment1 Get Quote
Supply Chain Consulting

OpenBoxes offers consulting and implementation services to help organizations tailor the software to their specific needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following services

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Performance Monitoring and KPIs
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Technology Evaluation (barcoding, RFID)
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Workflow Optimization
$125 per hour Get Quote

1 Cost may vary depending on complexity of requirements. Please specify requirements when requesting a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenBoxes really free?

Yes, OpenBoxes is free to download and use. We do not charge you for user licenses and other fees. You are free to install the software on your laptop or a server that you manage without having to pay us for user licenses and other fees.

If OpenBoxes is “free” then why do I need to pay for hosting and support?

OpenBoxes, the software, is free to download and use. But unless you plan to install OpenBoxes on your personal laptop or desktop, you’ll have costs associated with operating the software. Read our Total Cost of Ownership guide to better understand the costs associated with adopting and using OpenBoxes.

Why is Dedicated Support more expensive than Hosting?

Supporting software is time-consuming and expensive. In order to provide support to our users we need a team to cover our support hours even on days when there are no support requests. If our support packages are too expensive, we highly recommend that you use our Community Support option until you need a guaranteed level of support.


We also encourage potential support partners who would like to offer support and hosting to reach out

How do I customize OpenBoxes?

There are basically two ways to customize the software

  1. Hire your own developers and contribute the code back to core (or to your own fork).
  2. Hire us and we’ll take care of all the complexity of gathering requirements, developing, testing, and release your features.

If you are interested in option (2) please contact us at to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide a proposal with a quote and timeline for your feature request.


Please take caution when maintaining your own fork. You could inadvertently end up in a situation where you lose the ability to pull the latest code from core into your fork. Don’t hesitate to contact us for recommendations if you do go down this route.

Can I become a partner so that I can provide hosting and support to OpenBoxes users?

Yes, please. We don’t have an official partnership agreement, but we’d love to promote companies that are willing to provide services to our users. Contribute to this discussion on our forum if you’re interested in providing services. Once we get enough interest we’ll add a page dedicated to service vendors.

Does OpenBoxes provide 247 and off-peak support?

At the moment, we provide support for US Business Hours. However, we can discuss 247 support to accommodate businesses located outside of the US. Please email if you would like to discuss 247 and location-specific support options.

Does OpenBoxes offer discounts on development?

If you would like to purchase larger increments of time in order to develop multiple customizations at one time, we’d be happy to discuss discounted rates. Contact our support team provide them with details about your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Does OpenBoxes offer any discounts for 501c3 organizations (non-profits, NGOs)?

Please contact us if you are a non-profit or small business that doesn’t think they can afford the costs. We can work with you on your budget and/or reach out to some of our partners for alternative quotes. Provide details to our support team and we’ll try to accommodate your budget constraints. We can also work with hosting providers to discount the cost of hosting. In fact, Azure, AWS and Google provide steep discounts that usually cover the cost of hosting and more.

Do people actually ask these questions … frequently?

No. Literally no one has ever asked a “frequently asked” question.

Need help getting started? Check out our service offering and request a quote.